Having a Bunch of Arborvitae That Grew Too Tall Taken out


We had a line of arborvitae we planted all around the edge of our property. They were about a foot tall when we planted them. Now they are big trees that are about 12 feet high. They are so big around that they are almost touching side to side like a hedgerow. In the winter, when it snowed a wet heavy snow, some of them cracked and had half of the tree, bush or whatever they are fall. They look a mess and needed to come out. We called a Nassau County tree removal service to see what it would cost to cut out all of them. There were about 60 of them that went around our property. The only open spaces were our driveway and sidewalks leading to the house.

We decided to give them a call to get them out as soon as possible in order to have the spring growing season be able to establish new lawn where the arborvitae would be taken out. Continue reading